Parse.ly (http://parsely.com), the intelligent personalization and optimization engine for content providers, raised $800,000 from Blumberg Capital, ff Asset Management, Scott Becker (formely co-founder and CTO of Invite Media), Don Hutchison (formerly principal at Netcom, Work.com), Jeffrey Greenblatt (senior principal at Ankyra Capital) and Jon Axelrod (formerly founder/CEO at MusicGremlin).

The investment will be used by Parse.ly to increase its sales efforts, hire key staff, develop partnerships and ultimately build new ways in which news and blog content can be distributed and targeted.  Already, millions of users across the web are utilizing Parse.ly technology to connect with content they love. 

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The immediate benefit of CoffeeScript


All languages have their pros and cons. Some of these deciding factors are more superficial than others. Often the superficial benefits are what strike you first about a language. CoffeeScript for example has a really tight, sexy and expressive syntax that allows you to be concise consistently. Take this comparison of a pointless jQuery plugin:

Both do the same thing, but CoffeeScript definitely looks better right? Check it out over on GitHub. More to come on CoffeeScript sooooooon :)

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Awesome photos of the partial solar eclipse on Jan 4th.

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Kohana Modules


If you like (H)MVC and PHP (yay for acronyms) you should be using Kohana! Haha how obsequious of me. But really Kohana is awesome, and if you use it you can take advantage of the amazing community modules documented on this new(ish) site:


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Drizzle 2011


It might be quite a big year for Drizzle (a MySQL fork) with a GA release (Drizzle 7) at some point. Reading http://docs.drizzle.org/mysql_differences.html made me a wee bit giddy!

Or you could start from the top: http://docs.drizzle.org/index.html

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Over the weekend I published my first GitHub repository and Kohana Module. I named it Prophet since it’s main job is to predict what View your Controller will want to render to save you the hassle. It also foresees errors and handles them with divine power. Enough of the bullshit, it currently…

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So here’s to the new year!


Hopefully the New Year will bring both good times and mistakes from which more good times can be made. For me I guess the first thing I’ve done this year in relation to the web is release a Kohana Module that adds automatic view loading and error handling to your application. Check out Prophet on GitHub.

Personally I’m not too sure what I want this year to bring, I guess I need to get started on a list eh?

Happy New Year!

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A friend yesterday asked whether he could include a file and it’s variables be accessible within the scope of a class method. He was right to question this since including a file outside the class will result in the variables being out of scope.

The best solution (as I first discovered through

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This is the second part of a series of posts regarding variables and scope, particularly in PHP. The first part discussed global variables.

To explain static variables and when you should use them you need to understand how they work. To define a static variable, you use the static keyword…

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This is the first part of a series of posts regarding variables and scope, particularly in PHP.

Global variables tend to be seen as bad thing. Some programmers just accept this fact, others question why. I guess I have always presumed they are bad, however as my general knowledge in programming…

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